Distribution must be known

If you are to borrow a stud from xinxiang labrador kennel, please read the instructions carefully and agree and abide by the contents of the instructions.

One, full payment of breeding fee before breeding.

Second, the breeding

1. fresh sperm

1. According to international practice, we only accept the method of artificial insemination;

2. In order to improve the mating success rate, it is recommended that you send the mating bitch (hereinafter referred to as the bitch) to a professional pet medical service institution to test progesterone. If you ask us to handle the application for you, we can accept it, but we will not assume any responsibility.

3. The breeding date shall be determined by you. If conditions permit, we may consider giving the female an additional breeding opportunity on alternate days after the completion of the first breeding (only applicable to the case of male breeding in kennels);

4. After we take the semen, you can finish the mating by yourself. If you ask us to help you finish it, we can also accept, but do not assume any responsibility;

5. We will provide cryopreserved spermatozoon (only one chance for breeding) when the male is out of the kennel and is unwell. The use of frozen sperm mating needs to be operated by a professional pet medical service institution, and the breeding fee, laboratory fee, fosterage fee and transportation fee incurred therefrom shall be borne by you;

6. If the bitch fails to conceive, we may consider offering the right to breed again (after which the transaction will be closed and the breeding fee will not be refunded whether the bitch is pregnant or not).

2) frozen sperm

Once the frozen sperm is sold (an increase of 5,000 yuan on the basis of the price of fresh sperm), it belongs to you. You can arrange a professional pet medical service institution to breed by yourself.

Iii. The transportation of the bitch shall be handled by you or we can help you contact the transportation service agency. The transportation cost shall be borne by the buyer and the risk shall be borne by the buyer.

Iv. After breeding, the time for the bitch to leave the house is within one week. If the bitch has not been taken away for more than one week, the foster-care fee will be charged according to 100 yuan/day. If the bitch has not been taken away for more than one month, it shall be deemed as abandoned and shall be disposed of by ourselves.

V. please take a screenshot of these instructions as the breeding agreement signed by both parties.

Xinxiang kennel has the final right to explain the breeding instructions.

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